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New Product/Service Required By 80% Of The Population

València, ValenciaHome Health Care
Asking Price: $19,950
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  • Revenue $500K-1M
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  • Gross Profit $200K - 500K
  • Net Profit $50K - 100K
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  • Established 2019
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Reason For Sale



Not often does this happen.

We have dveloped a product that is needed by nearly every one.

It combines a beauty and health treatment. THE WORLDS ONLY box cryo unit. Which is
Totally mobile

Being mobile it's easy to use and makes money from day one. Using patented wraps for
either the face, neck or other parts. It can INSTANTLY eliminate fat cells.

INSTANTLY give a face and chin lift.
INSTANTLY reverse the effects of arthritis and back pain.

Can be used in a beauthy salon or at peoples homes. You can work with doctors surgerys and
with beauty salons. Plus you are working from home with hours to suit you. The box cryo unit needs
little maintience.

Starting at just $19,950 for a 2-3 mile radius for a 3 year renewable deal. Then no other over heads.
You only pay to us the monthly rental of the equipment.

Sounds fantastic? Then contact us NOW. We need people starting in Florida but then the rest of the
USA and Europe.

The wraps start off warm then remove body heat The box it is connected to has the cryo unit

FULL training given plus all the sales material required.

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